PoolCam Premium Kit



Ultimate Experience

Upgrade your Pool hall with the PoolCam Premium Kit, which offers advanced technology for an enhanced viewing experience. This kit enables you to stream live to your YouTube account with ease using the app, allowing you to showcase your club games to an international audience. Additionally, it provides the flexibility to use any mobile device as a remote for scorekeeping, adding an interactive element to your sessions. Ideal for both clubs and individuals, from enthusiasts to professionals, the PoolCam Premium Kit is set to revolutionize your 8 ball experience.

PoolCam Premium Kit: Enhance Your Club / Room - increase your viewers and stream to your YouTube Channel Live...

Step into a new era with the PoolCam Premium Kit, meticulously crafted for both hobbyists and professional players. This all-encompassing set merges state-of-the-art technology with intuitive usability, providing an immersive and interactive playing experience.

"The PoolCam Premium Kit excels in offering dynamic scoring options and live streaming functionality for each style. It caters perfectly to the tactical nuances of 8-ball and the finesse required in playing the game, upgrading your play and overall enjoyment."

Included Components:

11-inch Lenovo Android Tablet:

Command your game with this top-tier tablet, an essential tool for controlling and interacting with the PoolCam system effectively.

PoolCam 30fps QHD (2560x1440p) Camera Wireless Connectivity with WiFi:

Record every strategic move in crystal-clear quality. The PoolCam camera, capturing at 30fps in QHD resolution, ensures no detail is missed, enriching your game analysis and viewing pleasure.

Wireless Connectivity with WiFi

WiFi router forms the core of your PoolCam setup, guaranteeing a reliable and swift connection for instant streaming and flawless interaction with your camera and tablet.

Snookcam Subscription:

Comes with 1-year SnookCam subscription

1-Year Warranty:

Rest assured with a comprehensive one-year warranty. We stand by the quality of our product and are committed to ensuring confidence in the PoolCam Premium Kit.

Transform your approach with the PoolCam Premium Kit. It's an innovative solution for training, entertainment, or professional use, redefining how you engage with and analyze the game.