Hawkeye Standalone Snooker Ball Repositioning System

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Ultimate Experience

Hawkeye Standalone Snooker Ball Repositioning System is designed to accurately track the position of each ball on the table. Projects a virtual overlay in the app, indicating the original positions of the balls before the foul, and makes it easy for the referee to put the balls back also can be used for training purposes.

An innovative snooker ball repositioning system designed to enhance your snooker playing experience. This state-of-the-art system seamlessly integrates with the latest iPhone and Android devices through the SnookCam app, allowing for precise control and operation directly from your smartphone.

Key Features:

Smartphone Compatibility: Easily operate your Hawkeye Cam using the intuitive SnookCam app, compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. This feature puts the power of precision in your hands, allowing you to adjust and monitor ball positions with ease.

Preconfigured Router: With a preconfigured router included, the Hawkeye Cam system is ready to use right out of the box. This hassle-free setup means you can quickly start refining your snooker game without any complicated network configurations.

Wireless Connectivity with WiFi: The Hawkeye Cam offers convenient wireless connectivity through WiFi, ensuring a clean and cable-free setup around your snooker table. Although the connection is wireless, the system requires power and comes supplied with a power adaptor to keep it operational during play.

Flexible Installation Options: To ensure the Hawkeye Cam performs optimally, it requires an ideal installation height of 2 meters (approximately 6.6 feet) above the snooker table. For venues with height restrictions, an optional specialized lens can be mounted on the Hawkeye Cam, enabling effective operation at a height of just 1.4 meters (approximately 4.6 feet). This lens is available for an additional $55, offering flexibility for various setup environments.

Fisheye View for Comprehensive Coverage: The Hawkeye Cam is equipped with a fisheye lens, providing a wide-angle, panoramic view of the snooker table. This ensures comprehensive coverage without impacting the accuracy of the ball positioning system. The innovative design of the Hawkeye Cam guarantees that every ball is precisely monitored and positioned, enhancing the integrity of your game.

Snookcam Subscription: Comes with 1-year SnookCam subscription

Elevate your snooker experience with the Hawkeye Cam, designed for precision, flexibility, and ease of use. Whether for professional training or enhancing your leisure play, the Hawkeye Cam delivers cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features to ensure your game is always on point.



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