Revolutionize Snooker, Billiards & Pool Streaming

Capture, produce, and broadcast your club’s entire Snooker, Billiards & Pool matches.

Hull Niva Score - SnookCam

Exceptional Functionality

Cutting-edge app features.

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Frame & Matches

Keeps track of frame scores, match scores, and overall session statistics.

YouTube Streaming

Live stream to your YouTube account with live score.

Statistics and Analytics

Live statistical analysis of the match.

Intuitive Interface

User friendly interface.

Easy Scoring

Tap scoring for Snooker & Billiards matches.

Score Support

The app supports scoring for Snooker, English Billiards, 6-red & 10-red Snooker

Sponsors Integration

Promote your club sponsors by uploading their logos.

Undo & Edits

Allows users to undo the last action or edit scores manually in case of errors.



Utilizes Hawkeye to accurately track the position of each ball on the table. Projects a virtual overlay in the app, indicating the original positions of the balls before the foul, and makes it easy for the refree to put the balls back.

Available Standalone or with SnookCam Premium Kit

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Unleash the potential of your club

SnookCam Standard Kit (1080 Full HD)
SnookCam Premium Kit (1920 QHD)
Higher quality streaming
User friendly setup
Live scoring
Use phone as remote
Enhances match experience
Smart stats
YouTube Integration
Cost effective
This SnookCam is perfect for live-streaming snooker, billiards & pool tournaments. The video quality is very good, and the real-time scoring and stats feature has made it a hit among all clubs. It brings a new level of excitement to the matches.
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Lenovo Tab - SnookCam
Router - SnookCam

Absolutely thrilled

Absolutely thrilled with this SnookCam for our snooker matches! The live streaming to YouTube is seamless, and our club members love the live scoring and stats feature.
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Hannu Voutilainen

Joensuu Snooker Alliance

“Viewer’s Engagement.”

As a snooker enthusiast, this SnookCam has transformed our local tournaments. The quality of the stream is excellent, and the ability to directly stream to YouTube has significantly increased our viewer engagement.

John McAndrew

Yarraville Snooker Club

“Outstanding Live Stats”

The setup was easy, and streaming matches directly to YouTube has brought in more viewers than we ever expected. The live stats add a professional touch that our members and online audience absolutely enjoy.
Jarkko Savolainen

Lahti Snooker Club

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Our customer loves us.

Unparallel Support


we’ve compiled answers to our most frequently asked questions for your convenience.

Do I need a YouTube account for streaming?

Indeed, a streaming account is essential, and we’ve taken care of setting it up for you as part of our configuration process.

We invite you to explore our Help Center for more information.

How do I start streaming?

To begin streaming, first open the SnookCam Connect app, and then open the SnookCam app on the Android tablet provided by us. You can start your live stream using the SnookCam app by tapping Live button. 

Is there a score update remote?

You can use any Apple or Android phone as a remote by using our snookcam app.

Can I also use the app for Pool, Billiards, and Shootout games?
Yes, the app supports scoring and streaming for Pool, Billiards, and Snooker Shootout games, including formats with 6, 10, or 15 reds.
What's the warranty period?

All hardware and support come with a 1-year warranty, plus a 1-year subscription to our app. 

How do I request a new feature in the app?
  • Please use our Feedback Form to provide feedback or to request a new feature.
Do you offer international shipping?

We ship and support almost all countries, to find more please contact Sales.

Can I use my own wi-fi router?

You will need to use the router included in the SnookCam premium kit. This is because the MAC address of our router is specifically linked to our app, enabling you to stream. Additionally, in the event of any technical difficulties, having our router in place simplifies the troubleshooting process for us, allowing for quicker and more efficient resolution of any issues.

How can I contact Help & Support?

Please Visit our Help Center. 

FAQ section doesn't have my question?

If you don’t find your question in this FAQs, we invite you to visit our Help Center where we have covered comprehensive questions and answers

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